Something to make you think

Dining out anywhere with your friends and family is always meant to be an enjoyable experience, agree? You expect good food, great service, and a nice venue. But how many of these do you actually get?

There is more competition in the food industry than ever before- everyone who owns a restaurant or public house thinks they are the best, but the only people who will prove this are the customers or in our eyes the guests.

Peach Pubs who are currently the leader of the hospitality industry own a group of pubs who pride them selves on “serving the good stuff” but what does this mean? Does “serving the good stuff” mean just good food that has been ethically sourced, home grown and using local organic produce? Well this is why they are so successful…. Peach Pubs focus on what the guest’s want, which is good food, good wine, and really good service.

Service is so important to every establishment, repeat business and word of mouth to encourage new guest will be the only way to survive in this industry.

Working in the industry for a few years I have developed a passion for service- taking care of every single person who walked through my door. My first question to my self was- what do they want and what do they expect? Everyone wants and expects different things. If your team doesn’t think the same then they are not the right people to work in the establishment. The team is there to make it special and to keep the standard consistent.

When I was running my team, they where trained and educated the basics of the trade, what wine goes with what food, what ingredients are in the food, and what countries both the food and wine originate from. Sharing this information with the guests and educating them builds the relationship with you and them.

How many of these have you experienced when you are out dining? Did you come home feeling slightly more educated? Did you leave feeling happy and wanting to return? If you didn’t then they are doing something wrong.

So the next time you dine out, think….. are you getting good quality food, good wine and good service? Where you “served the good stuff”?