How to make an English Garden

English Garden or call it what you wish, but this little cocktail will really get your taste buds jumping, and you are going to learn how to make it!

This is a really simple drink to make and doesn’t require hands of a god to make it!

What you are going to need;

A mixer

50ml Hendricks Gin

50ml Cloudy Apple Juice

25ml Elderflower Cordial Cucumber


Get your mixer and fill it with Ice, then add all the ingredients bar the cucumber and shake in an up and down motion till the shaker becomes ice cold at both ends.

Fill the gin glass with cubes of ice (we prefer grand gin glasses) and place the cucumber slice in the glass, poor the cocktail from the mixer in to the glass over the cucumber.

Add a straw then enjoy! Now you can be the talk of all your friend’s events.

Your Welcome